Friday, 23 October 2015

Girl and Robot by Chantelle

Here is Chantelle's narrative inspired by the animation 'Girl and Robot'

Girl and Robot by Chantelle

“Crr, crr, crr, clunk, clunk”, I tightened the bolts on my creation. I walked over to the control panel. I looked over at my grey, two toed creation once more time from top to bottom. Layer after layer of metal covered the circuit of my creation. The lightbulb eyes flickered on and off.

I looked around the floor of my lab scattered all over the metal floor were cogs and unused screws. Slowly I walked over to the plans. The scattered cogs made a ‘clank’ when I kicked them. I checked the plans “grr” I scrumpled the paper up in sheer frustration and threw it at the invention.

I had enough. I pushed the lever for maximum power “screech, pump, pump” I felt my heartbeat in time to the pistons. “My marvelous invention” I thought as the eyes came on at last. But there was too much pressure the pipes burst open. I tried to turn the steam off with the lever but it snapped in half. I felt myself falling - that was the last thing I remembered.

As I slowly opened my eyes I saw light coming from in front of me. Once my eyes were fully open I saw where the light was coming from. It came from a large rectangular shape that was connected to an egg shaped body. I firmly but gently grasped the cold metal hand. I reached up to touch his face. His eyes stayed on briefly before the light faded. His body was lifeless once more.

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