Thursday, 29 October 2015

Guess Who?

In shared writing we worked on describing characters. Our aim was to 'show not tell' who the characters are. Can you guess what the following characters do for a profession?

Character 1

He enters the room in the morning with his cup of tea. He sits at his messy desk filled with tests and papers. Whiteboard markers tucked into his pockets. Six hours of signing, testing and also marking ahead. He drinks his tea to soothe his sore throat from yelling. His patience strained as he hears kids yelling in the playground. Patches of his greying hair missing from him pulling it out. “Only 8 more weeks till Christmas!”

Character 2

She patrols the streets, working hard day and night. The crackle of the walkie talkie alerts her to danger. The sound of sirens wailing, her colleagues in fast pursuit. Her fierce, snarling canine sniffing tracks ahead. The light shines above from the helicopter. She is getting close...

Character 3

I sit in the chair and wait in terror. He is feared by many. He makes bridges and crowns. The drilling sound haunts my nights. He hates treats and sweets. His waiting room is very busy after Halloween and Easter. His strong coffee breath overwhelms me as he tells me to “open wide”. He wears a mask and shines a light on my quivering chompers. Sharp silver tools scrape the inside of my mouth, causing my tongue to shudder.  “Oh why did I eat all that chocolate?”


  1. Fantastic details in your writing Room 5. I really enjoyed your use of personal thought.

  2. Great work! Maybe next time you could use more compound sentences otherwise awesome!!