Thursday, 15 October 2015

Postcard from the Bahamas

After reading 'Postcard from the Bahamas' by Jeena Murphy the X-Men collaborated on a description of Susie.

WALT - Describe Characters

Susie is a young girl with a good imagination who dreams of being a pirate. She wishes to have a parrot called Jacob, a shiny cutlass and a brand new pirate hat with a bright blue peacock feather. Susie has a mean brother called Dan who thinks she is ‘nuts’. Susie wants to get away from her brother and have adventures with her Aunty Bernice and her ferocious crew. Susie suspects that her Aunty Bernice is a pirate and wants to rub in Dan’s face that she is right. The real reason Susie wants to be a pirate is so that she can stay up late all summer. However even pirates need to go to school and do homework so Susie would have to stop being a pirate in February.

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  1. Nice work room 5 I like how you described the character