Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Full of Beans

After reading 'Beans' by Patricia Grace the Justice League completed a SOLO hot map to describe the main character. The Justice League focussed on using quotes from the text to justify their ideas.

Beans by Chantelle

Beans is a boy that is very determined, loves rugby, embraces life and thinks positively about everything. The reason we know 'Beans' loves rugby is that he is still keen to get on the field even after riding his bike for five kilometres! We also know 'Beans' embraces life becauses he looks on the positive side of everything from smelling pig poo to getting muddy on the rugby field. 


  1. Good Job! Justice League I really liked the way that you used better words for example sad, amazing, yell or like

  2. Amazing job! i really liked the way how you gave a great description and used strong vocabulary.