Friday, 23 October 2015

My Robot by Ansh

Here is Ansh's narrative inspired by the animation 'Girl and Robot'.

My Robot by Ansh

“Crrr, crrr, clunk, clunk” I tightened the bolts on my creation.  His lightbulb eyes stared at me blankly.  He was a ten feet tall metal giant.  His enormous metal body was held together by bolts and screws.  His stumpy legs held up this one tonne monster.  When I touched his cold, powerless body a shiver ran down my spine.

I walked over to my plans thinking “what have I done wrong?” I sat down, looking at my great-grandfather's unfinished invention.  I crumpled up the plans and threw them onto my ancestors creation.  I started kicking cogs and wrenches in frustration as I slowly walked over to my great-grandfather’s old steam powered car.  “He could make this car but not this stupid robot”. I turned the wheel to power the steam engines and pulled the lever to make the robot start.  However the eyes just flickered on and off.

I didn’t waste any time, I turned the wheel to full power and pulled the lever.  My machine turned on, the steam came out like steam from a geyser.  I started smiling and laughing, but then I noticed that the power I had unleashed was breaking everything apart.  I tried to pull back the lever but it came off and flew out of my hand.  I ran for cover but my machine exploded before I could get to cover, the last thing I remember before passing out was smelling steam from the pipes, and falling headfirst onto a giant cog.

When I came to I saw my robot cradling me in his cracked, shattered hands.  I could feel the heat of his bulbs on my face.  My heart felt like it had been hit with a hammer and then ripped apart.  I started to slowly rub his face in tears, as I did I saw his eyes flicker off and his body fall apart. I looked around in misery looking at my demolished laboratory. I looked up,  I realised that the robot had sacrificed his life for my own.  He had stopped a giant girder from squashing me like a bug.  Depression conquered every other feeling in my body.  My creation now again lay in his cold, powerless form.

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