Friday, 23 October 2015

Girl and Robot by Kalani

Here is Kalani's narrative inspired by the animation 'Girl and Robot'

Girl and Robot By Kalani.

“Clink, clink, clink!” I put on the finishing touches onto my grandpa’s latest invention. The circular light bulb eye’s stared blankly as I test drove it. His enormous square strong arms stood relaxed without moving. The short steady legs stood silently, stable as I looked at how perfect it was. But my grandpa’s latest invention was not working. I looked back at the plan’s I didn’t see anything wrong” “What could be missing?” I asked.

I carefully looked at the plan’s one more time, but I couldn’t understand the plan’s now, “AHHH, I’ve done EVERYTHING!” I shouted in frustration. I didn’t want to look at the plan’s anymore so I carelessly crumpled up the plan’s and across the laboratory it went.

“Cling!” As I pulled the lever forward, “Boom, boom” went the pumps. The robot’s eye’s flickered on and off. “ZZZZZ, roo” went the eye’s. No matter how much I tried, The robot kept on shutting down. After all my tries, I pushed the lever as far as it could go. The pumps went faster than my heartbeat, and the steam escaped like  from a broken down car. I felt happier at this point because the eye’s started turning on faster. But what I didn’t recognise was that the steam inside the pipes was filling up. The dial went up to the highest level 500, so I tried to yank the lever back but the lever slipped out of my hand and I fell. The last thing I remember was passing out.

I could feel the warmth that came from the robot’s eye’s. I slowly woke up, and I realised that I was lying in his hand. The first thing I saw was his metal face. I carefully reached out and touched his warm face. I felt very upset because I had broken my grandpa and mine’s invention. After, I looked at the lab, it looked like a tornado had struck it. As soon as I saw the girder on the robot’s back, I felt so sorry for him, because I knew he was struggling to hold on. My robot was now lifeless. “What can I do now?” I cried.

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  1. Great piece of writing Kalani I'm really wanting to hear more about your great work. I loved the way you used capitals to describe your frustration !