Monday, 12 October 2015

Carlos Comes To Stay

Today the Avengers were working on making predictions when reading. They were given key words and phrases and using these made a prediction of what happened in the story 'Carlos comes to stay' by Maryan Moss. The key words and phrases are highlighted below.

Walt: predict the story from key words

Predicting is a useful strategy as it helps us to think about what to expect when we read. What we know already (our prior knowledge) helps us when predicting.

Carlos Comes to Stay by Risa

I was so excited about Carlos coming and staying, but I had to look after the dog. “Look Carlos is here!” I screamed. “But remember to look after the dog” said mum. Our dog is very large and has long black hair. His kennel is under the tree by the lake. As I walked past mum and dad’s bed, I heard a terrible noise. It was coming from the lake. We looked outside and in the lake there was our dog. He was in the mud and was covered in filth. Carlos and I looked at each other we were worried because dad would have to clean the dog and he hated cleaning the dog. When Carlos and I showed him what had happened to the dog we heard the loudest roar from dad.  Mum was the first to laugh at dad and the dog. Dad certainly didn’t see the funny side!

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