Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Carlos Description

The Avengers collaborated on a description of Carlos the dog from Maryan Moss' 'Carlos Comes to Stay'.

WALT - Describe Characters

Carlos is the Pointon’s pet dog. Carlos is huge he is the size of a small bear! He has long black hair that hangs in his eyes making it difficult for him to see. His hair is as black as charcoal and is soft as a thick carpet. He has a large floppy tongue that hangs out of his mouth past his sharp teeth. Carlos has a pointy beard and a large square head that makes him look like a wizard. He has a crooked nose and big padded paws that help him stomp around his kennel. Carlos is big and friendly and very energetic! He is so strong he can drag his kennel behind him. Even though Carlos is a big softy he can also be mischievous. When he has been naughty he lets out terrible howls and can sometimes be found covered in mud in your mum and dad’s bed!

Would you like Carlos as your pet dog?


  1. Good Describe Map and Description Room 5. You used great powerful words such as energetic and mischievous. Nice Job

  2. Great describe map and description Room 5! I liked the way you used descriptive language to describe your character.

  3. Great Work Writing the Describe Map and the Description Room 5 !! You used really good key words. Keep up the Good Work !!