Thursday, 15 October 2015

Stuck between a rock and a hard place!

If you had to choose between supporting the All Blacks or the Springboks who would you choose? This is the decision facing Bothie from V.M Jones' 'A rock and a hard place'. The Justice League wrote letters to Bothie giving their opinions.

Dear Bothie,

I see you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. This is your Uncle Zayden Ruckus. I’m half New Zealand and half South African. I had the same experience as you a few years ago. A Great man once told me to “Stick with your country no matter what.” So my advice to you is to stick with your country. Even though when people ask you who's your favourite rugby player you think of Richie McCaw still go for the Springboks. It runs in the family's blood. But remember it is your choice nephew, pick wisely.


Uncle Zayden Ruckus (Skye)

Dear Bothie,
I heard that you have been having a hard time choosing which team to support in the Rugby World Cup. The Springboks is the team that you supported in South Africa. But all your friends support the All Blacks. What you are is ‘’stuck between a rock and a hard place’’. Even though your dad supports the Springboks you live in New Zealand now and should support the All Blacks. Besides the All Blacks are the best team in the world! The last reason why you should support the All Blacks is because when anyone asks you who's your favorite rugby player you say Richie McCaw. So my advice to you is to support the All Blacks. I hope you follow my advice.

Sincerely Sherlyn

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  1. These are very very very good postcards. I like how Sherlyn said 'What you are is 'stuck between a rock and a had place' and I liked how Skye pretended that a Great man once told her to stick with your country no matter what. In my opinion I was wondering if Sherlyn and Skye should be the greatest postcard senders! :-) Well see you guys at school tomorrow! :-)