Friday, 23 October 2015

The Iron Giant by Sativa

Here is Sativa's narrative inspired by the animation "Girl and Robot".

The Iron Giant by Sativa

“Crr, Crrr” the light bulb eyes stared at me blankly. Strong, massive, square arms hung lifeless. I pulled the handle to release the steam needed to power my iron giant. His cold, metal, grey oval body was powerless.

I walked over to my uncle’s dusty work bench. I pulled the lever “sss, sss,sss”. The iron giant’s light bulb eyes flickered on then off. “What did I do wrong?”

I looked back at the plans but nothing was missing. I scrunched the plans and threw them with anger. I couldn’t explain how furious I was. I pulled the lever harder this time, and this time it actually worked. The steam burst out from the pipes like a train leaving the station. The pistons went faster and faster, steam covered the room like a thick fog. The pipes began to rattle and rumble. I tried to pull the lever but it got stuck and snapped. I fell backwards onto the floor. The last thing I remember was passing out.

I opened my eyes. I felt a giant steel hand under me. His eyes shone on my face. I touched his hard, metal face. The laboratory was covered in debris. A heavy girder lay in the robot’s back. He was my hero.

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  1. Awesome story Sativa! You had really good description in your writing and also your conclusion was really creative!